Carbon Knife Care

Stains and rust are naturally occurring when using carbon steel knives. To prevent rust, I recommend washing your knife shortly after use and oiling the blade. Food-grade mineral oil is probably the best [oil] you can use, other oils will become like a resin over time and get really, really sticky. [Food-grade mineral oil] doesn’t get that way. It’s always smooth and keeps a good shine.

Blade Care

The first thing you may wish to do is force a patina onto the blade to protect it from rust. You can do it with almost anything with acid in it: instant coffee, vinegar, potatoes or lemons. I like vinegar the best. Just rub it on the blade, let sit till desired effect is obtained and rinse and dry the blade. This makes a great shield for the knife (You Tube is a great source of info) Knife blocks are usually in the kitchen, so splashes of water or liquid can get in the block, and some people don’t dry the blade 100 percent before putting them in. This makes the knife block a rust factory, basically. On top of that, knife blocks are typically breeding grounds for bacteria. I use a magnetic strip on the wall and you can lay a strip of chamois over the magnets to prevent scratching on the blade Knowing the makeup of your knife is the best way to know how delicately you need to treat it. If you have high-carbon steel knives — like .8 percent carbon and up — they get really reactive to rust. Between .3 and .8 percent, it rusts less and will be a little easier to take care of, although not as sharp as a straight Carbon knife. Ask me if you’d like help figuring out the amount of carbon in your blade. My Handmade knives are made from 52100 ball bearing steel. 1% carbon and a little magnesium. It has been heat treated to a 59-60Rc scale. It will sharpen well and hold a nice edge and while it has a high carbon content it should not chip unless you use it on bone or drop it.

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